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Connect with voters.  Inspire donors.  Energize volunteers.

Tell your story.

When it is done right, politics is about connecting with people.

That's our mission: We create videos that connect people. Our work connects candidates and voters. It connects words on a ballot with our everyday lives.  

Take a look:

Tay Anderson, Candidate for Denver School Board

Meet the Candidate video

"Solidarity Communications worked with me to make sure I could tell my story authentically and in a way that I felt comfortable. The video jump-started my campaign, helping me fundraise and secure endorsements. I highly recommend them."  -Tay

Joe Salazar, Candidate for Attorney General of CO

Supporter Ad, Scripted

"Your video work for my campaign was so pivotal and inspirational that I had constituents and others comment about how it moved them."  -Joe

Mandela Barnes, Lt. Governor of Wisconsin

TV Ad, 30sec

"We received so much positive feedback on our campaign videos. I know where I'm going next time I need video work, and so should you."  -Mandela

Brianna Titone, CO State Representative

Issue video

"I highly recommend Molly and Katie for video work!" 


What You Can Expect:

High Definition 4k footage

Slow motion capabilities

Drone shots with 10-bit color

Professional audio, hidden lavaliers 

Edits for multiple platform specs

Large music bed library 

Onsite infinity wall 

100% accurate captions

Target and strategy consulting

Script writing and delivery coaching

Capacity to quickly travel with full kit

24-hour turnaround, as needed

About Us:

Molly and Katie Dunn

Molly graduated from Marquette University where she was Division I athlete in soccer, cross country, and track. There, she researched how spinal cord injured war veterans utilized storytelling to process trauma. This research led her to the University of Oxford where she earned a masters studying the same storytelling process with sexual assault prevention and response specialists on college campuses. Molly went on to work for Blue State Digital, and then attended George Washington University's documentary film program. After working for various digital agencies, Molly joined her wife in creating Solidarity Communications with the mission to provide high-quality video production services for progressive candidates.

Katie grew up working on campaigns. Her first official media experience was at the age of five when she provided the disclosure voiceover for her dad's radio ad. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Oxford, she worked as a policy analyst in Washington, DC., where she led the creation and passage of landmark legislation. Upon moving to Denver, Katie worked for Siegel Public Affairs as lobbyist in the state capitol. After spending a year in Wisconsin, organizing around healthcare before the critical 2018 midterms, Katie and Molly moved back to Denver, combined their talents, and started Solidarity Communications.

Regan Byrd Consulting is our anti-oppression accountability partner. 

We are proud to be a women- and LGBTQ- owned company.

Contact Us

We work with each potential client to answer all their questions and put together a proposal that fits their goals and budget. Call or email us: (720) 620-3322, katie@solidaritycommunications.com.